HERMÈS Birkin 30 Parchemin/Vert Chartreuse Swift PHW Totally LIKE NEW M stamp

A Horse shoe stamp (Special Order) Hermès Birkin 30cm in Parchemin with Vert Chartreuse color combination with Palladium Hardware. Chic and fresh color but elegant at the same time. Made by Swift (very soft leather).
Special order bag could take you years to get and not to forget the list is only for Hermès VVIP. The bag is Totally LIKE NEW. The plastic protectors are still on the hardwares.
There is no scratch, no scuff, no weird odor, Very clean inside and out. Carries M stamp in a square. Comes with everything, Hermès box, dustbags, rainkit, care card, clochette, lock and keys.

IMG_8751 blogIMG_8763IMG_8753 IMG_8757IMG_8762IMG_8765 IMG_8764BL cornerBR corner1 FL corner FR cornerIMG_8769 IMG_8768 IMG_8766


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