HERMÈS Birkin 35 IRIS togo PHW Brand New -SOLD-


5 thoughts on “HERMÈS Birkin 35 IRIS togo PHW Brand New -SOLD-

  1. Sally February 14, 2011 / 12:49 am

    hi how much is this birkin? thanks

  2. jackie March 3, 2011 / 11:34 pm

    hi, I am very interesting this bag, just want to ask you:
    1. How can you guarantee this bag is AUTHENTIC and BRAND NEW ?
    2. How much, please.
    3. Where are you? How can i purchases this bag?

    • ciroscloset March 3, 2011 / 11:50 pm

      Hi, Thank you for your interest. To answer your questions, firstly, I do not own or sell fakes. I offer 100% money back guarantee if proven that my items are not authentic. My major clients are Asian and I have built a solid reputation as a legitimate seller. The proof of authenticity has to be evaluated by store manager or craftsperson but NOT a sales assistant.

      I’m based in Spain.
      About your inquire, I will send you an email.

  3. Anne March 24, 2011 / 5:12 am

    Hi there, can you please let me know how much this beauty cost? Appreciate it if you can email me soonest as I’m in love with all things Iris!

    • ciroscloset March 24, 2011 / 12:36 pm

      Hi, I’m so sorry, this one is sold..

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